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Foundations in Dog Training Starts June 12th - read below
WCCA Business Course Starts August 21st - scroll to bottom for all info

All courses are a maximum of 10 working (hands on) students at this time | 10 Audit (Spectator) Spots are available.
Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable.  Balance is due 20 days before course starts.

Other courses that are coming soon - Dog Walking/Pet Sitting/Pack Walking, Pet CPR, & more
Anyone can attend courses whether pursuing a career in the dog industry or wanting a deeper understanding of dogs.


Foundations in Pet Dog Training

Prerequisite Course

Course Length - 6 - 8 Weeks
Course Day/Time - Summer Course Schedule
Next Course Starts June 12th

Read Course layout below
Course Cost - $3500 (early bird $2100)

Audit Seat $1200 ( no certificate, no certification, no hands on learning and no dog participation.  This is a spectator seat.)

In-person portion with be held at Animal Wellness Center of OC in Costa Mesa, CA

In Person Lecture & Hands On Learning
Possessing proper foundational skills is a necessity.  In this course we cover the following:

  • Principles of Learning

  • Breeds & Genetics

  • Proper Fulfillment

  • Basics of Canine Body Language

  • Basics of Safety & Bite Prevention

  • Layers of Stress

  • Forced Packs

  • Aspects of Play

  • Relaxation Foundations

  • Socialization

  • Puppy Basics

  • Methods of Dog Training

  • Marker Training & Multiple use markers

  • Motivation

  • Proper use of pressures

  • Collar Conditioning

  • Leash Handling

  • Manners

  • Basic Obedience

Man with his Dog

Welcome to West Coast Canine Academics, your best choice for dog training courses. Our team of professionals are passionate about helping newcomers learn the necessary skills to effectively train dogs. We offer comprehensive, in-depth courses aimed at those who want to work specifically with pet dogs. The curriculum for our Foundational Course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience needed to train dogs and help them grow into confident, well-behaved pets.

Next Course Start Date
Webinar for Theory and more starts June 12th - 28th (Wednesday and Fridays) Read below
In-Person portion of this class Starts July 12th - August 9th (Fridays) Read below
No Class week of July 4th

This course offers a Certificate of Completion for those who prove to complete all required tasks, homework and tests with proficiency in the time required. 
Those who earn their Certificate of Completion with a 85% and higher may also work toward becoming a Certified Trainer through WCCA. 

Course Layout
Theory and more - 2 days a week, 2-1/2 hours webinars for 2 - 3 weeks.

Watch recorded version for 60 days
We provide all theory through live webinars.  If you are unable to make the webinar time, you may watch the recorded version.  This is all non-dog handling therefore allows student to learn at their available times.  Each webinar must be watched in order. This mean if a webinar in on Wednesday and Friday.  You must watch Wednesday's webinar prior to watching the LIVE webinar on Friday.  You may also choose to watch both webinars on the weekend as long as you maintain viewing in order, it is fine.

Hands on Learning - In Person ONLY - Mandatory attendance for those wanting Certificate or Certification
1 day a week, 3-1/2 hours per class, for 4 -5 weeks.
This portion of class is In-Person therefore you must be able to attend classes.  Missed classes can be made up in audit format on next available course.
During our in-person classes you will learn everything from understanding spacial pressure, body language/reading dogs, safety protocols, how to allow dogs to learn problem solving skills, implementing classical and operant conditioning, shaping, obedience, manners, creating a calm dog and more.
WCCA Foundations course comes with a booklet that is non-replaceable.
Your course will have hands on learning, study, homework and tests.

To accomplish an L1 Certification you will be required to pass this course, to have 50 hours of provable internship with approved trainer (to be completed within 12 months of course completion).  You will be required to turn in videos of 3 detailed case studies within 12 months of completing this course, we require you be consistently training for one year.  We will send out review requests randomly to clients you are working with.  We must be able to contact the clients by phone for an interview.
Be sure to read all requirements for maintaining your WCCA Certification - CEU

Course Early Bird Special for hands on $2100 - typically ends 45 days prior to course start date

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