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A Pack Walker in the park with several dogs

WCCA Certified Trainers

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We have a high standard at WCCA and expect the trainers holding certification with us to apply the techniques they were certified to use.  If you have an experience with a trainer certified through WCCA that is using compulsion based training techniques (heavy or unnecessary levels of force) with your dog, please contact us immediately with the trainers information.

WCCA (L1CT)  Level 1 Certified Trainer = Trainers with under 5 years experience
WCCA (CPT) Certified Professional Trainer = Over 5 year experience
WCCA (CPIT) = Certified Professional Instructor & Trainer (over 7 years experience)

WCCA (CPBT) = Certified Professional Behavior Trainer, these trainers specialize in behavior modification (over 5 years experience)

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